Friday, 16 October 2009

Anxiety is a Sign of Lack of Confidence

Anxiety and phobias are another area that can show very low confidence levels. Do you feel anxious in social situations? Anxious about your level of competence in your job, your parenting skills or your relationships? Are you scared to leave the house? Do you suffer from panic attacks?

These kinds of anxieties can be overcome with a little help so don't give up hope. I am going to guide you in overcoming these obstacles and help you become the person you've always wanted to be.

Let me tell you a personal story. About 10 years ago my anxiety levels were so high I could barely leave the house. Any kind of social situation would bring on a massive panic attack. I was even starting to have panic attacks when I was at home on my own. Gradually I shut myself away from the world - I stopped working - I stopped socialising - I could barely eat or sleep my anxiety was so high. I was suffering and my family was suffering also.

For those of us that live with high anxiety this is a familiar picture. But what can we do about it and how can we stop the negative thinking that leads to this kind of anxiety?

The first thing I would suggest, is to watch my free confidence video which will show you how to boost your confidence quickly and easily by overcoming negative thought patterns. Changing my thinking was the key to helping me overcome the debilitating anxiety that was ruining my life. The reason for this is that our thoughts create our feelings.

I like to use this example to show you how this works. Say for instance that you are relaxing on your sofa and you start to think about someone who you really feel attracted to. The more you think about them, the more emotion will be created in your body. You will start to feel loving and probably sexy as well! The thoughts you had preceeded the feelings.

This is how the feeling of anxiety works as well. You start to think you can't do this or do that, worry about what might happen in a given situation, say horrible things to yourself like "you're worthless", or "you're no good", or "you're useless". All of these types of thoughts create a feeling of anxiety.

The only way to overcome this type of negative thinking is to become aware of it and start changing it. I suggest you do that today and stop letting anxiety and lack of confidence ruin your life.

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  1. i dont agree dat display af anxiety is always due 2 lack of confidence


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