Saturday, 17 October 2009

Poor Communication Skills are a Sign of Lack of Confidence

When our confidence is low, our ability to communicate effectively with the people around us is usually hampered.
We often find it hard to speak with any conviction because we are too busy worrying about what the other person is thinking about what we are saying, and how they might react to us.

Our minds are so busy worrying that we may mumble, speak quietly and get our words mixed up. This frequently causes the very thing we fear! And that is people switching off from us. This then feeds into all the doubts we have about ourselves and our confidence becomes lower still. It becomes a self fulfilling prophesy!

Even if we are able to sound confident, there's an aspect of communication that always gives us away - our body language. At least 55% of all communication is through subtle changes in how we hold our body and another 38% is our tone of voice. That means that the words we use cover a mere 7% of the total communication!

So what can we do to improve our communication skills? The first thing is to understand that communication is not simply about speaking - it's also about listening and body language as well. The door to confident communication is unlocked by making sure that our body language, tone of voice and words are all unified and delivering the same message.

The ways we can do this, are by completely focussing on what we are saying and stop thinking about what the other person may think about it! I know that this can be difficult when our confidence is low, but just try it and see how you get on. Also, make sure that you maintain good eye contact, sit or stand up straight without hunching over and stay relaxed.

While we can work on improving our communication skills on their own by using the methods above, once you begin positively building self confidence you will find your communication skills greatly enhanced in both easy and natural ways.

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